Eight Points on the Hoof©

We were entirely distracted looking at what seemed like a doe behind a wall of thick green shrubs. One of us sighting binoculars in as the other was squinting eyes to focus and trying to decipher what was causing the bushes to move. Suddenly as if taking a usual morning stroll around the fields, appears in front of my eyes the sight of my first buck.

He appeared during one of those moments when your eyes need a five-second break to charge on the challenge of identifying game once again from sticks, branches, leaves, and squirrels. Blood pumping fast, face flushing, heart raising, I could hear my heart beat resonating in my ears.

I couldn’t say precisely from what direction he came from.
I have never seen a buck out in the woods in my entire life. First time ever that I had the blessing of witnessing such a fantastic sight and feeling. My heart skipped beats, my mouth dropped, and like a reflex, my right hand landed flat underneath my hunting mentors knee and squeezed hard trying to grab his attention with the intention to communicate an alert to stop moving or making noises because something incredible was standing right in front of our blind.

I couldn’t believe it. I was staring directly at a buck. At that moment, I was so amazed by the whole encounter that I didn’t even count antler points or tried to average weight or age. I was in a daze. Stoked. Speechless. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I was totally admiring the way the buck walked, moved, behaved, noticing every single muscle-movement on his robust body as he walked around, how beautifully his coat shinned with the sunlight and sun rays peeking through the tree branches and all the reactions he had every time he heard unfamiliar or perceived as threatening sounds. I was observing every single detail with such precision I couldn’t even hardly breathe.

That’s all it took for me to get motivated and ramp up my personal goals for this coming hunting season. I have been preparing for my first hunt for the past two years. All I had as a goal for this hunting season was only to show up at a public hunting management area and observe others hunting. Now things have changed a little, maybe it’s time to get ready for more than just watching after all. I still can’t believe I sighted my first buck.

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