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Being in Spring, wild as the wind, capricious like the weather and embracing love as deep as the roots of old trees. Guided by all the absurds, the passions, the unreasonable silence, the loudest whispers and the ignored voices.

The same ones that resonate loudly and we continue to disregard because more times than not, they go against attending to our sense of responsibility. They interfere with every plan we had already made, any schedule we had created before we even heard the first sound within ourselves imploring us to change our minds.

Predominantly, the echoes of the courageous fears and the reverberating hunger of questions that may never be answered with certitude. Paying attention to the things I’m lured into, has indeed connected me to my path.

All the absurd possibilities, those fire burning passions that we try to appease to satisfy our blunt splurge and faithful dedication to preposterous sets of beliefs, like if by the act of ignoring or denying their existence we will quell the disturbance they cause in our spirit.

That same unreasonable silence we can’t stand and continue to avoid facing, the loudest whispers, the voices we hear but don’t understand. As for now, allowing my own truth to be the number one ruler of my order, has lead a whole army of decision making horsemen conquer over the famine of empty sounds held in my heart.

More often than not, I found myself listening to the empty quietness in my mind. The silent chimes create melodies that spoke of a code that has the power to free you from your own-self. Without question, solitude has totally changed my life. My solitude brought me light. My solitude gave me what I needed to find. My solitude forgave everything that wounded my heart and left forgotten all the shades that hunted my own fears. Fears scared by fears. Fears that didn’t weight as much as my forbearing and restrained desires to have the audacity to face pain or grief, moreover, to face how strong one can be. Let go of it all. Silently and very vigilantly watch to see what stays. Be heedful of your own intuitions, find you. Nothing more amazing than the freedom to follow your heart.

Absolutely convinced that, a heart that outlasts any inclemency of the weather, has learned to protect it’s own shelter. Adjusting and reshaping the sheltered space requires to be cognizant and aware of the real reasons why the change is necessary above all. I can feel a cool breeze trying to peek in, shyly and slowly beginning to invigorate every single corner of my widened broken heart. Always looking up, always looking forward to what the future might bring.

The work is never done. The labor required to continue my path still breathes on it own. Still alive, still moving, crawling and pounding my spirit. Even when the company salutes my being with ostentatious joy, I am still connected to my path. I have crossed the most menacing seas of loneliness to find you, welcome home.

– The HuntsWoman Journal©

© 2020.The Huntswoman Path. All rights reserved.

© 2020.The HuntsWoman Journal. All rights reserved.

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