Spring Falling Thoughts©

Soft light after dawn shined through the seemingly open wooden window. A humid cool mist tried to crawl into the room as the ceiling fan declared war dispersing its presence across the wooden space. Light blue curtains moved gently with the circulating current of air created by the fan’s fury.

A mess of sheets and pillows decorated the sanctuary owned by a tired soul, overwhelmed mind and a heart beating intensely for self awareness. Trees and stars witnessed, approved and protected her hiding.

The shelter made by a brown weathered wood cabin, covered with millions of deep green forest leaves; preserved the aromas of fear and abandonment throughout the years. She felt that the cabin protected any doubt of the sudden resemblance of a once dreamed life becoming real.

Time continued escaping from her fingertips just as the breakfast nook clock tic tock-ed, over and over without any hesitation of stopping.

Aware of not having time to waste but sure that now, finally her dreams would never escape from her life, a plan began devising itself and ideas started to flourish in her my mind.

Cooler and dryer weather conquered the climate during the summer. While preparing the coffee percolator and washing left over dishes from previous nights, she continued to sink her thoughts on the idea of wild animal pursue. The deeper she entered in the sudden need of practicing and understanding the art of becoming a predate, the more she became aware of where it was coming from.

Earth smell started impregnating the cabin as the rain started pouring down, she paused her movements, closed her eyes and listened to the melodies of sounds resonating throughout the cabin. Rain drops falling on the tree leaves created patterns of familiar tunes from her past, from her childhood. Memories of recipes, dishes, fruits, pots and pans came to live in her mind and as if she was controlled by a spiritual force she began reaching for a soup pot.

Soup and rain always paired up nicely in her life. Matching feelings with weather and food always seemed to be one of her favorite things to do.

The dirt road headed its way, away from the cabin towards the woods. The big tractor tires had dimpled the ground, and busted a tree truck out of the ground a couple of days before. She remembered the cloud of dust it formed right in the middle of a clear area of the woods. Now, the rain will settle and clean everything. Firewood was chopped with an old ax and left piled up near the campfire. She remembered how that day, her mind continued to drift away as she was pulling more branches out of the pile of dead trees. The green scenery covered every view and sweat clustered around her cheeks. Taking her hat off to catch a breath, she realized how much work she had done.

She knew she was going to be alone after the weekend, so she cherished every second of her friends presence. Closing the afternoon sun doing chores around the house always melted her heart and gave her a feeling of accomplishment. That afternoon, the woods looked so beautiful. She decided to go for a walk, she sat on a dead tree that had fallen during past storms and waited. Not sure of what exactly she was waiting for, she still did.

Silence in the woods turns out to be loud. The sound of nature dominates your ears. It can be beautiful and relaxing, but at the same time it could be loud and overwhelming. Specially when trying to decipher a specific sound out of all the others. The wind moves the leaves on the trees, squirrel acrobatic movements distract you constantly, bird chirps try to take over and fish creating ripples in the creek also gets your attention. In the distance the squawks of bigger birds overcome all other sounds for seconds at a time, whistling woods-ducks sing and fly by clapping on their wings, cicadas play music for the spectacular sunset showtime, crickets begin their concert and mosquitos land on your ear to add sport to the background noise. Singling out an Osceola turkey wing flap right before it climbs up a roost could turn out to be a hard task, but she did.

Sitting on her porch, waiting for the soup to finish cooking she couldn’t help but think how far she has gone in terms of living her life like she wants it. The resistance of energy surrounding her life blinded the essence of living. Now, freedom drives her life. Battles fought in her past didn’t cause an affray in her present anymore. An opening for new beginnings and new acquisition of knowledge of the world outdoors created, geared up and powered her unstoppable drive.

Thoughts by the creek,

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