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I enjoyed making cookies with my grandma, they had a piece of guava in the middle, inside a crevasse that she made with her fingers as she rolled the dough down into a ball. At the time, I was the same exact height as the edge of the kitchen counter top.

When I looked up, a gold chain with flying birds or birds on full wing was wrapped around the handle of one of the windows. Carpenter cloth double enclosed the screens and a refreshing citrus scent entered the kitchen. There was always a glass with ice water sweating droplets next to the sink.

Just as the wait for any fruit to ripen, in my grandmothers life, there was a specific course of action for everything. As if the patience of waiting would magically make everything perfect.

The routine for everything she did, included a series of precise simple techniques that would make everything feel amazing. The secret was the wait. The secret was to prepare things on the right time to be ready to enjoy later.

Enjoying a glass of water. Simple as that.

How often do we feel thirsty and stop to think, how can we make a glass of water feel refreshing today?

She knew. She knew exactly when was the best moment to quench her thirst drinking that glass of water.

Just at the right time, when there were the remains of almost melted ice left, but not exactly. Just then, the water got into the best temperature to be enjoyed fully.

How often do we take the time to figure out the right method to fully enjoy things we need?

I understand everyone has a different journey. Paying attention to the details that infuse meaning on simple things has my journey totally captivated.

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