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All the teachings that I have acquired through nature somehow have healed me. If I say that at the beginning of my journey I didn’t look at hunting just as a sport I would be lying. I always felt the beauty of its essence, and I could value its historical background, but the understandings behind it all is a pearl of wisdom that can only be obtained first hand.

Recently, I was taught how to use a compass in the woods, but the compass that we need to survive in our lives is given to us by nature itself. In this modern and technological world, we have and hold so many gadgets that we dismiss the guidance the world in its natural state offers us daily. When I felt the desire to begin exploring what the hunting world had to offer, I never thought that I was setting myself up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Being born on an island that belongs to the Greater Antilles, where my feet have touched the Caribbean Sea in all stages of my life whitetail hunting was never presented, taught or even an option. I could also say that it wasn’t passed down to me by family generations, heritage or traditions. The truth is hunting caught my attention at a very difficult time of my life. I started finding comfort observing things I had no control of. Sighting the natural world and observing things like ocean water, waves, storms, the season changes, rain, rivers, wind, stars, and mountains made me feel safe. I parted from most of my friends and family for a while and stopped participating in social city like activities.

I found solace in watching the sunrise in the morning and probably a whole year of sunsets during the evenings. There was something powerful on each of those mornings and evenings. Nature became my background setting, and I began to enjoy being in my own company.

For the past three years, I had set goals regarding where I wanted to be as I started this journey. Every year I had a specific goal to accomplish, started with getting a truck, obtaining a concealed weapon permit, getting firearms, buying a hunting bow, going to the range, buying a rifle, learning how to shoot long range and continued with purchasing hunting gear.

I lived every past hunting season vicariously through either television shows, online videos of hunting whitetails in different locations of the country, reading about it or listening to my hunting friend’s experiences.

It saddens my soul to share that not everyone whom I spoke with embraced my questions and my passion respectfully. Although this may be true, correspondingly I feel that the sarcasm tone on all those not very welcoming comments also fired me up even more.

Consequently, a mere curiosity turned into an obsessive need to prove not only to myself but also to everyone that took me as a joke that not only a Spanish speaking girl that grew up in the Caribbean that knew nothing about guns, caliber, hunting bows, arrows or anything related to hunting and that on top of that also feared snakes, spiders, alligators, and heights could overcome it all and do everything that her heart desired despite all inconveniences, obstacles, and hurdles.

There is a magic that occurs when you put yourself in vulnerable positions or situations. There is nothing courageous in pretending that something that hurts doesn’t. There is no courage in patching wounds or ignoring uncomfortable feelings. I felt and still feel vulnerable every time I am out in the open fields observing and listening to every single sound while trying to identify it. Being outdoors for long periods of time makes you feel naked even when covered by five layers of clothing. Being scared, vulnerable and susceptible to physical harm by walking through or remaining in the same spot in the woods opens up anyone’s heart. Real courage comes to play as soon as you identify all those fear emerging emotions, and still, you wake up, tie your boots and head on out again the next day with your hunting bow in hand.

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